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OUR Laboratory

Al Attar's laboratory was provided with an equipped laboratory with the latest modern laboratory equipment, in order to support studies and research of medicinal plants, supervised by pharmacists and specialized laboratories staff to monitor product quality

_ Selecting plants that contain the highest percentage of active substances using the latest laboratory analysis techniques and chromatographic separators (GC, HPLC) so that they are in conformity with pharmacological constitutions and scientific references.

_ Ensure that the plants are free from microbial and insect infections, and they are free from traces of pesticides, fertilizers, contaminated water and toxic metals.

_ Monitoring and controlling all manufacturing processes with the latest advanced technologies and by specialized staff.

_ Selecting plants from the original family and determining the anatomical features of the tissue structure microscopically by taking sections of plant tissues and comparing them with the international constitutions and references USP, BP, PDR, SNS.