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Who we are

Al-Attar is the first founder of the herbal pharmaceutical industries in the Arab world. It was established in 1990 with a scientific cooperation and institutional centers and research laboratories specialized in the field of developing medicinal herbs and plants. The company is to develop and manufacture its products through scientific research for medicinal plants through the medical and pharmaceutical staff that specialized in the field of herbal research and medicinal plants following the line of the international scope of natural therapy in a scientific and constitutional method. It follows and perform all the implementation of the Organization Terms of the World Health Organization WHO.

The line of its products is marketed in Syria, the Arab world and the world under the name Al-Attar. All of the company's products are constitutional and of high purity in which original medicinal plants and herbs were used in accordance with the international constitution PDR the pharmacological reference Natural Medicine.

The word of the company's owner

Through my work journey as the founder and owner of Al - Attar company over 30 years ago, the first and last goal for us is to improve the health quality for our consumers. And to rise awareness in the community, towards natural herbs. ,in addition to produce competitive products, with high added values that other cannot achieve .

Company Aspirations

Our Mission

We are Al-Attar for Biopharmaceutical Industries committed to be the pioneers in the biopharmaceutical industry in the world, and we always strive to develop this industry and invest it to ensure a better health and life for humanity.


We strive and work to be the world's first company in the vital pharmaceutical industries through our products hand in hand with nature to ensure a higher quality of life and human health wherever it is found.


Al-Attar Company believes that its success is linked with the individual success of all employees, through their sincerity and dedication to diligent and continuous work, we always seek to appoint the best experiences with the highest levels of integrity, transparency and sincerity, which is reflected positively when the company's staff deal with customers and suppliers.

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